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Site 047 Red Gully Picnic Area - Nannup


Site 047 RATING: ?

AREA: Nannup

WHERE IS IT? About 17 km south-west of Nannup. See [ Mud Map 19 ]


GPS Reading S34° 04' 47" E115° 36' 46"  
Status Open  
Mobile Phone    
Access 2WD  
Pets Yes, on a leash  
Suitable for Best for vehicle based on travellers  
Swimming Yes  
Best time to visit Nice anytime, but the picnic area can be flooded during winter  
Fees None  
Found by Jan Holland  
Updated by Julie  
Last visited    



Red Gully is a pretty swimming and picnic area on the Blackwood River. lt's a good rest stop, especially midweek or off-season when few other picnickers are about. The water cascades over rocks into large pools, creating soothing sound effects and masking the sound of any traffic on the nearby Brockman Highway. This site is prone to flooding over winter, and the picnic facilities have been washed away, but the clearing near the river still remains. Bollards are in place between the parking and picnic area, but it's possible to park alongside the bollards and still use the clearing. There is also a small sloped clearing just before the picnic area that can be used. The track into the site is narrow, eroded, steep and winding, so is not really suitable for caravans and big rigs. There's also very little space to turn around.


Shade and river water.


Is via Brockman Highway (Route 10), and the turn-off is about 15 km north of the Canebreak Picnic Area, or about 19 km south of Nannup. Turn west at the sign-post and follow the track 350 metres to the clearings by the river.


An unofficial but unique rest area with a difference can be found 800 metres north of here. This roadside rest area is the work of an artist with a sense of humour, and has picnic tables with seats, as well as large and varied collection of wooden animals and marine creatures. These creations can be seen in the trees, on the ground, and hanging in the air between the trees.


Site 047 Red Gully Picnic Area - Nannup

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Rating Description
1 Worth to spent a few days at this camp
2 Worth to skip out other, closer camps, and drive the extra kilometers to this site
3 It is a really nice camp
4 It's alright if nothing else is nearby
5 Not very inviting, but for an emergency overnight stop ok
6 Please avoid this camp, its not good
7 Closed or gone...


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